1000KG Air Flow Dyeing Machine 400m/min Fabric Loading

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Alees
Certification: CE
Model Number: TEC-Airflow
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: USD50000-USD200000/Set
Packaging Details: Export standard sea worthy packing
Delivery Time: 60-90Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50SETS/MONTH
Detail Information
Material: SUS316L Control System: Full Auto
Heating Method: Steam Warranty: We Will Provide You 01 (one)-year Warranty.
Installation And Debugging: One Engineer Will Be Sent For Instructing Installation, Under The Condition Of Pipework&work Stuff Ready, Need 7-10 Working Days. Power: 35-145KW
Capacity: 250-2000KG
High Light:

1000KG air flow dyeing machine


145KW air flow dyeing machine


400m/min fabric dyeing machine

Product Description

40% energy saving Highly Intelligent Control High Temperature Airflow Low Liquor Ratio Dyeing Machine


Operating principles

TEC-Airflow series of high temperature gas-liquid flow full mode dyeing machine (pure air flow dyeing mode, pure liquid flow dyeing mode, gas-liquid flow mixed dyeing mode) is a new generation with a wide range of suitable dyeing cloth, low production cost and first-class quality of dyed fabric. A carefully designed circulation system of airflow and liquid flow superposition is used to make the fabric run smoothly at very low bath ratio 1:3. Fabric lifting system: the perfect fit of double stage nozzle and guide pipe makes the fabric running speed up to 400 m / min, suitable for dyeing process requirements of different fabrics.


Components table

Part Name Structure Note Remarks
Main body of dyeing machine Main cylinder 316 L stainless steel sheet  
Head cylinder 316 L stainless steel sheet  
Netboard 316 L stainless steel sheet  
Storage area Teflon pipe  
Water level indicator Magnetic roller display, electromagnetic flowmeter  
Bottom foot Stainless steel plate ,304  
Tib parts Timbo motor South Anhui motor, with frequency conversion speed regulation (South China Sea Huateng brand)  
Lift guide wheel

Composed of wear resistant rubber strips and 316 L stainless steel elements

Octagonal structure adopted

Seals Mechanical seals  
Sealed cooling system Stainless steel  
Distribution components Distribution motors Gear reducer motor  
Outlay frame All 304 stainless steel  
Heat exchange components Heat Exchanger Tube heat exchanger ,316 L material  
Filter Equipped with two sets of filters ,316 L material  
Safety relief Stainless steel 316 L  
Chemical drum components Barrel barrel

316 L stainless steel sheet

Inner wall mirror polishing

Feed pump South Anhui motor, high pressure pump, function with chemical material  
Valve Stainless Steel Corner Valves (Y Valves)  
Level control Bubble level gauge (Germany-Ifomen IFM)  
Main Pump Motor South Anhui motor - frequency conversion speed regulation (South China Sea Huateng brand)  
Cyclic pump Pump again  
Frequency control Frequency conversion speed regulation (South China Sea Huateng V&T brand)  
Fan Frequency control Flow adjustable  

Main box components

Headbox parts

Box box The electric box is made of stainless steel material, surface drawing treatment  
Box head The electric box is made of stainless steel material, surface drawing treatment  
Dyeing computers D12 Chinese and English LCD computer (Dongheng - Guangdong)  
PLC Mitsubishi  
Electrical components Electrical Components: Schneider Schneider  
Pressure sensors :(Germany-Ifomen IFM)  
Temperature sensor: PT100  
Frequency converter Nanhai Huateng V&T Brand  
Pneumatic assemblies Gaelling brand  
Valve components Main Cylinder Drainage Double cylinder ball valve (Zhongyu custom brand)  
Main cylinder heating, cooling Pneumatic aluminum alloy film valve + proportional positioner (Japanese SMC brand)  
Relief valve Pneumatic Disc Valve (Hongqiang Brand)  
trap Float lever drain  
Other valves Stainless Steel Corner Valves (Y Valves)  
Random spare parts Fan mechanical seal Multi-piece 1 set
Main Pump Mechanical Seal 58B Series 1 set
Feed pump mechanical seal 58B Series 1 set
Mechanical seal for lifting shaft 104 Series 1 set/tube
Door Cover Seal Silicone rubber 1 pipe
Filter Seal Silicone rubber Article 1




No.of tubes 1 2 3 4 6 Note
Capacity(kg) 250 500 750 1000 1500  
ratio Cotton 1:3-1:4 1:3-1:4 1:3-1:4 1:3-1:4 1:3-1:4

Dry fabric

Water filling

Polyester 1:2-1:3 1:2 1:3 1:2 1:3

Dry fabric

Water filling

Power (kw) Blower 22 45 55 75 90  
Main pump 7.5 7.5 11 15 18.5
Fabric loading 2.2 2.2×2 2.2×3 2.2×4 2.2×6
Fabric outputting 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 1
Plaiter 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 1
Dosing 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 3
Total power (kw) 34.8 52.7 76.3 102.5 126.9
Using power (kw) 12 22.6 32.5 44.2 54




Capacity of

Preparation tank(L)

1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 Option parts
Fabric loading speed 100-700M/min  
Temperature increasing speed(average) 6℃/min steam pressure>5kg/cm²  
Temperature decreasing speed(average) 8℃/min steam pressure>2kg/cm²  




Dyeing pure cotton/T(dark color)

Atomization AIR-FORCE

Dyeing machine

Liquid flow dyeing machine



Unit price






Unit price




Water and sewage


83.3ton 3 251.4 165 ton 3 485
Steam 6.4 ton 120 768.0 12.68 ton 120 1521.6
Electricity 320 KW 0.8 241.6 268.6 kw 0.8 214.88

Costs of water,

Electricity,steam and sewage hangling

RMB 1261.9 RMB 2231.48
Costs difference RMB 970.48(savings on auxiliary chemicals not included)








Total Power
TEC-Airflow-1T 250 5167*4286*4410 24.95
TEC-Airflow-2T 500 6346*4286*4410 44.5
TEC-Airflow-3T 750 6200*4286*4410 66.3
TEC-Airflow-4T 1000 12556*4286*4410mm 145


II. Product characteristics

1. Low water consumption

Low water consumption per unit weight, reduced emissions, saved steam consumption,

Save sewage treatment fee, save pigment and auxiliary dosage.

2. Save steam

Reduce heat consumption, very low water ratio 1:3.

3. Power saving

Main pump motor soft start with frequency converter.

4. Reduction of Pigments and Additives

Reduce sewage discharge and play an environmental role.

5. Constant water ratio

Each tube can maintain a dyeing water ratio of 1:3 in the range of 70~100% load, and the fabric can run smoothly.

6. Wide range of adaptation

Can meet the dyeing requirements of different grams of weight and width fabrics, and ensure 3 minutes without load reduction

Complete a cycle cycle.

7. Reduce production costs

Save water, steam and electricity, reduce investment in sewage treatment.


III. Technical data

1. main cylinder

Maximum fabric speed :400 m/min

Maximum working pressure: M p a 0.35

Maximum operating temperature :140℃

Heating rate :25℃~100℃ average 5℃/ min ;100℃~130

(Dry saturated steam pressure 0.7 MPa)

Cooling rate :130℃~100℃ average 3/ min ;100℃~85℃ average 2/ min

(0.3 M p a,25℃ cooling water)

2. multi-function reserve cylinder (optional)

85℃ maximum operating temperature

Maximum working pressure: atmospheric pressure

Heating rate :25℃~85℃ average 4/ min (dry saturated steam pressure 0.7 MPa)

Capacity: about 1:4~5 capacity of the main cylinder


IV. Standard structure

High corrosion resistant stainless steel 316 L made of main body

Stainless Steel Pump

The lifting roller is driven by a motor controlled by a frequency converter

ETS nozzle

Slot fabric rocking device

VL Variable Load Storage Tank


Unwrapping and self-dealing device for automatic fabric

Heat exchangers with heating and cooling valves with temperature control functions

Pneumatic valves for water intake and discharge functions

Built-in spray cleaning device

Airframe Rapid Pressurization and Repression System

The liquid level is controlled by electromagnetic flowmeter

Chemical drums are equipped with feeding pumps, valves, mixing functions and a quantitative feeding system



(1). AII the parts of machine body contacting with dyeing solution are made of high quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel in grade 316L.

(2). Teflon rods storage chamber

(3). High efficiency stainless centrifugal blower and pump are controlled by inverter.

(4). Rotary flush system driven by motor

(5). Lifting system, conplatter system and main pump controlled by frequency inverter

(6). Air filter and dyeing solution filter

(7). Fabric unload by motor driven with gearbox

(8). Automatic control heating and cooling system, quick increase and release pressure system

(9). Dyeing solution atomization nozzles

(10). Quota feeding system with pump, valve and dosing system with stirring


(11). Infrared monitoring fabric anti-tangle device

(12). Water level display and liquid level control

(13). Working platform with fiberglass reinforced plastic grating

(14). High efficiency tube-array heat exchanger

(15). Proportional heating and cooling system

(16). Automatic and programmable computer 

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