85KW 250kg/H Cotton Textile Dryer Machine Water Cooling

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Alees
Certification: CE
Model Number: QR01-85KW/170KW
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: USD50000-USD150000/Set
Packaging Details: Export standard sea worthy packing
Delivery Time: 30-60Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50SETS/MONTH
Detail Information
Material: SUS316L Control System: Full Auto
Warranty: We Will Provide You 01 (one)-year Warranty. Installation And Debugging: One Engineer Will Be Sent For Instructing Installation, Under The Condition Of Pipework&work Stuff Ready, Need 7-10 Working Days.
Power: 85/170KW Capacity: 85/170KW
High Light:

85KW textile dryer machine


25kg/h textile dryer machine


SUS316L radio frequency dryer

Product Description

Highly Intelligent Control PLC Full Automatic Control System Radio Frequency Dryer For all types of yarn



Production Capacity


synthetics 900-1000(kg/h)
Wool&cotton blends 350-400(kg/h)
Cotton&viscose 200-250(kg/h)


Technical Specification and standards



Model QR01-85KW QR01-170KW
Electrical supply voltage 380V±5% 380V±5%
Electrical supply Frequency 50HZ 50HZ
Operating frequency 27.12MHZ±0.6% 27.12MHZ±0.6%
Input power 142KVA 280KVA
Output power 85KW 170KW
Conveyor belt operating speed 2.5M/H-107M/H 2.5M/H-107M/H
Cooling system Water cooling Water cooling
Water circulation 2.5m³/h 5.0m³/h
Evaporative capacity 1.2-1.3kg(water)/kw(RF)h 1.2-1.3kg(water)/kw(RF)h
Steam Consumption 20-25kg/h Pressure≥0.4Mpa 50-80kg/h Pressure≥0.4Mpa
Max product height 260mm 260mm
Max loading width 1650mm 1650mm
External dimensions 9m*2.4m(3.1mmax)*3.3m 13m*2.4m(3.1mmax)*3.5m
weight 4500kg



This machine is suitable for the drying of yarn packages after dyeing and hydro extraction. The technical standard and the quality guarantee terms are specified as follows:

I. Technical standard:

1. Inlet and outlet heads

Including supporting frame, rectangular-section tubular frame with painted lateral protection steel plates. Equipped with:

  • Power mechanism & driving guide pulley of the conveyor belt
  • Stainless steel inlet & outlet working table
  • Aluminium inlet & outlet equipped with fully welded shielding structure
  • Hot air device on top of the inlet & outlet heads
  • Moisture extractor of the main fan
  • Radio frequency box
  • Transformer box, main electric operation box
  • Water cooling device

Length: front machine frame: 2.75m, rear machine frame: 2.25m

2.Conveyor belt

Connected by hard “JMX” module, width: 1.74m

The speed reducer driven by chain wheel brings along the conveyor belt to move in straight line. The speed is controlled by inverter. A high speed device is equipped for quick output of the products from the drying cabinet.

3. Drying cabinet

Including main machine frame, rectangular-section frame, both laterals are covered by aluminium plates, with stainless steel plates on top and bottom side. Equipped with:

Aluminium-magnesium alloy made capacitive electrode sQRtem consists of parallel round tubes protected with polypropylene insulation materials. Equipped with silver plated copper tuner and voltage balancing inductance.

  • Total working area: 3.5m × 1.8m = 6.3m2
  • Moisture pipe, 4 air outlets along the whole drying cabinet, equipped with 2 air deflation fan
  • Lateral aluminium alloy check window used for easy check on drying cabinet
  • Equipped with fire extinguishing spraying sQRtem
  • Module structure, length of each chamber: 4m

4. High frequency generator

QR01-85KW Radio frequency dryer which is independently designed and manufactured is suitable for industrial production. It has high reliability and high efficiency(up to 70%). The components can be easily removed and installed through check window. Equipped with:

  • Power feeding part has maintenance-free air cooling high voltage transformer, bridge rectifier, with connection to the oscillating circuit through blocking capacitors, with additional control and protection circuits.
  • RC oscillator, with lumped-component type, vacuum triode with C type oscillation mode, LC syntonic circuit, variable capacitor coupling circuit used for RF power adjustment, measuring & testing circuit.
  • Working frequency: 27.12MHz+0.6%
  • Max. rated output power: 85kw

5. Electric working board & controller

Electric working board consists of the control of electric & electronic components for control, instruction and protection. The instruction & testing board is installed on one side of the machine.

With main functions of:

  • Output power switch button, assistant setup and the switch button of conveyor belt
  • Power regulation button
  • Output power limitr potentiometer
  • Output power indicator
  • Conveyor belt speed adjustment potentiometer, value indicator, fast switch
  • Testing board with LED fault & status display
  • Emergency stop switch

6. Safety guarantee & international standard for components

All the components are made by the best manufacturers from home & abroad and are sufficiently oversized for high reliability.

With all the safety protection measures, such as the check window locked by safety handle, copper beryllium alloy sealing strip, high voltage circuit micro break switch, special structure to prevent electromagnetic leakage in the inlet & outlet heads.

All the electrical & electronic devices comply with CEI-IEC standard, the high & low voltage circuits are completely separated, all the electromechanical devices are installed on the board indicated with number nameplates, all the ends of leads are numbered.

To comply with the special regulations in different countries, the dryer is equipped with electromagnetic disturbing restrain sQRtem.


7. Paint & colour

The dryer is painted with 2 layers: priming paint & orange shaped paint(excluding the stainless steel part)

Standard colour combination: ocean grey

8. Dimension & weight

8946mm×3026mm(max.)×3390mm, about 4.5T

9. Working requirements

Power supply: 3 phases 380V±5%, 50Hz±2%

Cooling water inlet pressure: 1 kgf/cm2, flow rate: 4m3/h

Steam pressure: 5 kgf/cm2

10. Documents attached

Operation manual, quality certificate, packing list, operation manual of inverter, operation manual of plate heat exchanger


Machine commissioning

If the buyer need, the seller can be responsible for machine commissioning. The buyer shall pay for the commissioning engineer’s round trip air ticket cost, local board, lodging, transportation cost and the allowance of USD 70/person/day.


Quality guarantee terms

Quality guarantee period

12 months after delivery regarding all the machine problems except for the triode.


The quality guarantee period is 12 months after machine start-up.

The quality guarantee of triode is mainly to replace new triode with the old one with discounted price within the conventional 12 months guarantee period. The discounted price = triode price – triode price × remaining months/12.

General conditions of the validity

The operation manual must be read carefully before operating the dryer.


The valid quality guarantee excluding the faults due to improper use, negligence, malfunction or noncompliance with the instructions in the operation manual. The quality guarantee excluding: natural disaster, fire accident and other damages unavoidable under normal operation of the machine. No Claims put forward due to insufficient production capacity will be supported.

Goods supply range

Our equipment supply does not include the facilities for factory building, power feeding and steam pipe & air outlet pipe.

Technical assistance

We will provide you with professional services regarding special maintenance & repair of the machine. You must contact our sales dept. for any machine problem within or out of the quality guarantee terms.

If the machine to be repaired is out of the quality guarantee period, the customer shall bear the business travel and board & lodging costs of our technician, including the cost of the parts to be replaced, freight and the corresponding labor cost.


Contact Details

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