700m/min Yarn Winding Machine 84 Spindles 6in Yarn Bobbin

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Alees
Certification: CE
Model Number: AS021
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: USD10000-USD88800/Set
Packaging Details: Export standard sea worthy packing
Delivery Time: 60-90Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50SETS/MONTH
Detail Information
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700m/min Yarn Winding Machine


84 spindles Yarn Winding Machine


6in yarn bobbin winding machine

Product Description

Widest Applicability Automatic Yarn Bobbin Soft Winder Machine


Technical Parameter

1. Purpose:Wind the yarn into a dyeing tube for later use

2. Grooved drum:82mm(2.5turns)

3. Winding mode:3°30′,4°20′,5°57′,9°11′

4. Yarn Diameter:Max.290mm

5. Electric Waxing:Wax block wit square holes maybe placed and each spindle as a set is waxed

6. Yarn tensioner:One rotating self-cleaning tensioner for each spindle

7. Mechanical cleaning:One hand wheel for each spindle to adjust the slit blade for mechanical clearing

8. Yarn weight balancing unit:Spring balances and adjusts winding pressure

9. Yarn breakage control:Electric yarn breakage auto-stop


Optional Devices

¢95mm grooved drum applicable for winding a variety of yarn Empty bobbin recycling conveyor belt
Electric yarn cleaner Conveyor line for drums loaded with yarn

LED Lighting


10. Supply voltage:Three phase 400V±10% 50/60HZ

11. Length measurement method:Theoretical length or length measured by hall sensor

12. Applicable raw materials; using 32S as the calculation equivalent, the working speed of cotton, polyester-cotton, and blended spinning is 800m/min. Hemp, polyester and viscose blended spinning and other working conditions speed is 600m/min

13. 72 spindles/set, double-sided machine. Double touch screen control (11.2m×1.05m×2.25m. Including the height of the blower). (12 spindles, a basic unit of 1.81 meters), according to the production site can choose 72 spindles/set 84 spindles 96 spindles, 108, 120, 132 spindles) Save space, save the working distance of workers during roving operations, and improve efficiency

14. Type; double-sided grooved drum type

15. Transmission mode: single spindle motor drive (60w/spindle). Start at 0 speed, which is conducive to constant yarn tension

16. Number of spindles per set: 108 spindles/set, single spindle round belt transmission. Single spindle counts the length.


17. Output calculation: Example 32S yarn = 54000m/kg, normal speed 800m/min. According to 22 hours of working hours, each spindle is about 19.5kg/ spindle.

It has the advantages of short body and high speed. The small pulley of the motor drives the large pulley of the corresponding proportion of the grooved drum, which reduces the actual power consumption. When the inverter outputs 37HZ, the grooved drum winding linear speed is 700m/min (the conventional model is at 49HZ The time-line speed is 700m/min), the length can be directly displayed on the display, and the length of the oblique tube is controlled at plus or minus 3%.

18. Winding stroke and adapting bobbin; stroke 148mm. The bobbin is determined by the customer.

19. Winding speed: 300m-1000m/min. The adjustment speed can be set on the touch screen, and the speed adjustment function is realized by the Japanese Panasonic inverter. Frequency conversion speed regulation has power saving and stable speed.

20.Forming size; can meet the requirements of tube ¢165mm-¢180mm, weight 1kg-1.2kg


21.Tension device:equipped with a set of fine-tuning passive tensioner, according to the yarn density, adjust the precise weight of the colorful tension film, the negative film is made of stainless steel, so that the suitable density requirement is more accurate.

22. Anti-overlapping device; this machine adopts two sets of measures to implement anti-overlapping function; 1, swing frequency function; set the amplitude of swing frequency 0-18% and the interval time of swing frequency 0-1000ms on the touch screen. A single-chip module is programmed to perform actions. Makes the package effectively avoid the overlap phenomenon in operation.

23. Single-spindle yarn break auto-stop device; this machine adopts photoelectric probe to control yarn break auto-stop.

24. The advanced package pressure compensation device, by adjusting the length of the back pressure spring, realizes the compensation of the pressure change caused by the difference of the package size caused by the difference in the pressure between the package and the grooved package during the winding process. Increase the pressure during the initial winding of the cheese, and overcome the increase in the weight of the cheese during the end of the winding, so as to achieve a uniform density of the inner and outer layers of the cheese.

25. Power; single spindle 0.06kw. Energy-saving grooved drum motor

26. Yarn supply form:both parallel and tapered

27. Clean blower:Included

28. Yarn conveyor belt:Included

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